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What is your New Year's resolution as the writer for this muse? Is there something that you want to explore with them this year? Look ahead at your muse's 2008, and consider what you will do the same and differently.

I have sadly been neglecting Elizabeth in 2007. I think it was mainly because I was overwhelmed with a vast amount of source material to sift through this past year. With the release of Elizabeth: The Golden Age and 'Elizabeth I' on HBO. That doesn't even take into consideration the books such as "The Pirate Queen: Queen Elizabeth I, Her Pirate Adventurers, and the Dawn of Empire" by Susan Ronald, which gave me so much material my brain went nearly into sensory overload! There are so many detailed plot devices within this book, I have enough material for the year based on that alone.

I think it is this that will probably give me the greatest amount of material to explore. I want to show more of Elizabeth the woman as well as Elizabeth the Queen. By that I mean there were some pretty deep-seated reasons as to why she avoided marriage, why she did not broker any sort of power-sharing deals with any other European Nation, and there were some pretty profound reasons as to why she instilled such incredible loyalty in her people - and continues to hold a great deal of fascination for many people world wide. This is really want to do for her in 2008. I also want to "capitalize" on the popularity that Elizabeth has by getting her out there as much as possible. She is not an easy woman to know. She was always a few moves ahead of even her most trusted advisors and there are those who were convinced she was three kinds of crazy as well. Maybe she was, but she was still one of the most successful monarchs the world has ever known. My resolution is to do the best I can to do her justice.

Miuse: Elizabeth I
Fandom: History, Elizabeth, and Elizabeth: The Golden Age
Word Count: 275
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