Dec. 14th, 2009

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It is said that my mother was not so much very beautiful but rather that she was charming and and had an undeniable savoir faire.And it was by this that she seduced and charmed her way into my father's heart - and then promptly laughed herself right out of it again. They say Ann Boleyn was a witch and that by her dark arts she was able to hold off my father for six years while he rent asunder the entire fabric of England's government in order to appease her. When at last he had freed himself and England from Papal control, my father the King, married my mother and made her his Queen. It was said he had to marry her for their passion could no longer wait for a crown to be granted to Ann Boleyn. If my father had not, I would have been born a bastard rather than merely being suspected as being conceived out of wedlock. Read more... )

Muse: Elizabeth I
Fandom: Historical, 'Elizabeth' & 'Elizabeth: The Golden Age'
Word Count: 762
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There have been a few things that it was probably better if the speaker had thought twice before saying them to me. Certainly it is not wise to take a Prince to task, and it is certainly ill-advised to do so with impugnity and no mind to who else might be present. Read more... )


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